Revolutionising Ridesharing
Through Blockchain

PikCars is the next $100m Pan-Africa startup with 5yrs set as target.

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How PikCars Works

“PikCars mobile app is integrated with three independent features coexisting together to form the PikCars ecosystem.


Pikcars is a peer2peer ridesharing service of our pikcars ecosystem. Pikcars ridesharing app combine Mapping/Geo-location function, Driving direction solution, Google Map (mapping software) and a notification system (email, sms and push notification) to provide an easy peer2peer ridesharing mobile app.


Pikconnect is a location based social network on the PikCars mobile app which allow user to connect with others users within their location. Pikconnect is designed to create a social community within the Pikcars ecosystem and enhance users experience.


Pikpay is an ethereum based payment solution integrated on our ridesharing mobile app to facilitate seamless, fast, cheaper and secure transaction. Pikpay payment gateway uses Piik the native token of Pikcars ecosystem to power all transaction on the ecosystem.

PikCars Certificate Of Incorporation

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What makes PikCars tick?

PikCars hybrid app combine the traditional ridesharing system with Blockchain technology to provide a seamless, cashless, cheaper and secure transaction settlement and also a Social Network to create a Social interactive community to enhance users experience.

Unique Features

VOIP calls between Riders and Drivers.

VOIP calls between users through Pikconnect.

Built in app chats between Riders and Drivers.

Payment with Cryptocurrency and Fiat.

Written Review System + Star Rating System.

PikCars is Registered

PikCars is officially a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, cementing us as a private corporation with the commitment to revolutionise the Ridesharing industry through Blockchain Payment Solution and a location based Social Network.


Token Utilities

Pik token is a consumptive utility token designed specifically to power transaction the Pik-ecosystem. UtIlity tokens represent a unit of account for the network. The bigger the network grows, the more utility in the token, because the number of tokens is fixed.

UtIlity tokens have a use case and are not designed as investments, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t bring any profit. They have a certain use case inside the project and don’t represent a company’s share. Utility tokens may grow in price, if the demand for service or product increases. So buying tokens of a project like PikCars, that solves real world problems and is constantly being developed and improved, may give great profit in future.

Riders will enjoy upto 20% discount on their rides when they pay with our Pik token and drivers will enjoy upto 5% incentive when they receive payment in Pik token.

This is to incentivize and encourage the usage of our Pikpay blockchain payment solution. This payment solution is an entirely new concept to majority of users in emerging markets hence the need to incentivize and encourage users to learn and use it at a cheaper rates. The company will draft a cheaper and competitive rates to ensure a robust market and evolve with demand and supply.

Token/Budget Metrics

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Token Distribution

  • 60% Token Sale
  • 12 % Development (locked for 8months)
  • 7% Marketing
  • 7% Team ( locked for 3months)
  • 2% Advisors (locked for 2months)
  • 2% Bounty/Airdrop
  • 10% Founder ( locked for 1yr)
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Budget Allocation

  • 50% Platform/Product Development, Operations.
  • 40% Marketing, Ambassadors, Listings
  • 5% Partnership
  • 5% Legals, Documents.

PikCars Roadmap

We have a clear path to growth, which is expressly described on our roadmap here.

Q1. 2018

Data collection.

Q2. 2018

Team formation
Business development.

Q3. 2018

Start of platform development

Q4. 2018

Community formation
Exchange listing .


App beta release
Website upgrade

Q2. 2019

Platform public launch
Android/Ios app release.

Q3. 2020


PikCars is beyond an idea, PikCars is a dream.

The dream to create a ridesharing industry that exploits the full power of technology and innovation to drive growth and provide sustainable revenue for its riders.

PikCars Team

Discover the experienced people behind the PikCars project.

Ofana Augustine

Founder & CEO

Blockchain expertise & tutor.
IT Entrepreneur.
Business developer.
Founder, Crypto Guides.

Ugoji Catherinemary

STO & Project Manager

IT Entrepreneur.
AI Specialist.

Okwori Matthew


Blockchain angel investor.

Igbokwe Ann


Office Administrator at Belloré transport and logistics.
One of the most influential Crypto women in Africa.

Olaseni Shittu

CTO / Developer

Web, smart contract developer.
IOS/Android Developer.
Senior Data Analyst.

Nduka Ukpabi

Lead Developer

Founder & CEO, Pluralcode Enterprise.
Full Stack Developer.

PikCars Advisors

Abikure Tega
CEO Kurecoin.

Emmanuel Precious
Top blockchain Advisor in Africa.

PikCars Community Managers

Udochukwu Egemba
Nigeria Community Manager.

Doni Kurnia
Indonesia Community Manager.

Oko Peter
Nigeria Community Manager.